Thursday, October 11, 2007

More adventures in knitting

handmade needles
Today was the first day of the fall session of Knit Wits at Ally's school. I have a maximum limit of 7 kids but for one reason or another half of them didn't show. The remaining kids had a lot of fun though. One 7-year old kept saying "oh! this is so much fun! so much fun!".
knit wits dye with kool aid
Today was kool aid dyed yarn and making our own needles. I found these little 1/4" axle caps for the end of the dowels so the dowel can be inserted into the end cap. With a little wood glue it ends up being more secure. We took time to paint the ends and the girls made little prints like polka dots and flowers. At the end I showed them how to finger knit and they all picked it up quickly. Each of them wanted to take the yarn home while still on their fingers to finish up their skinny scarves.

Knit Wits are knitting!

The after school class is moving along. It is just so cool to see the kids excited about knitting. I don't give them homework yet several of the kids come to class with something they made over the weekend. This week the students continued to knit on their garter stitch swatch, then they learned to bind off and we felted the swatches. Next week we'll add a whipstitched border and maybe a tassel to make a felted bookmark. They will also learn to cast on and the kids that mastered the knit stitch will learn to purl.
3 finger knit scarves braided together
knit wits 036
Stockinette swatch
stockinette stitch swatch
Garter swatch
garter stitch swatch
photos by A.J. Holetz

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